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Southern Screen

Brand identity and illustrations for South Louisiana festival

Shifting from a traditional film festival to a more expansive entertainment event, Southern Screen was in need of a visual rebrand that reflected this shift. With an updated brand identity, Southern Screen was able to showcase its addition of live podcasts, music, and a variety of other entertainment mediums while still leaving room for future growth. The more stylized, youthful direction allowed a stronger visual identity and even earned the organization a 2019 Communication Arts Award of Excellence.




Southern Screen


Brand Identity
Visual Direction
Event Graphics

southern screen versions of logo, font, and brand color scheme
Southern Screen icons
southern screen hustle animation
Southern Screen photo of attendee with wall of logos shown behind themSouthern Screen logo shown on cup
Southern Screen festival laurelSouthern Screen festival Laurel

Bright, fun, and full of

With a stronger updated visual identity in place, 2018 sought to bring back and improve playful characters while continuing to showcase the refreshed bold imagery of the organization.

Southern Screen design showing collage of people, instruments, food, and film related itemsSouthern Screen design showing collage of people, instruments, food, and film related items
Southern Screen passSouthern Screen website sponsor page

Migrate to Louisiana

2019 imagery built upon a migration theme.

southern screen bird design
southern screen program
southern screen photo showing woman speaking to audience with southern screen poster in the background
southern screen bird iconsouthern screen animation showing bird pulling a pass from the ground
Southern Screen photo showing group of people on stage speaking with Southern Screen design shown on projector

A decade of entertainment
and learning

Playful aesthetics continued into 2020 with commemorative imagery and motion graphics that brought unexpected colorful moments to an unexpected year.

southern screen grid showing layout for 10 year designSouthern screen 10 Year animation showing various film, food, and music related items
southern screen various designs using film, food, and music related items to say 10 years

Emerging from the cocoon

2021 took inspiration from the strange feeling of re-entering public life. Made to capture the feeling of emerging after a long slumber to rejoin and rejoice in the light.

Southern Screen 2021 passSouthern Screen 2021 t shirt

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