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Rain Angel

A bold logomark for bold donors

With the largest international music festival in North America being an annual outdoor event in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana, there is always the chance of a downpour weekend. The elite circle of Rain Angels ensure that through rain, financial hardship, or even pandemic, Festival International de Louisiane continues to shine bright. The new logo design spotlights the stronghold of these unique supporters.



Festival International de Louisiane


Visual Direction

breakdown of rain angels logo showing the symbols that make it up: circle for unity, eye for protection, sun for strength, wings for hope, water for survival

Bold, luxurious,
but spirited

Encompassing the international focus of the festival, the final logo utilizes a pictorial language and more universal associations. In the end, five symbols are unified into one single logomark.

rain angels design on lanyard
rain angels design on lanyardrain angels logo on cup
rain angels logo on flag
rain angels design on pamphlet


The Rain Angels Circle was founded when rain threatened the financial stability of Festival International de Louisiane.  It continues to be a small stronghold of donors who contribute annually to the festival's success.  To honor these bold donors, Festival International de Louisane was eager to revamp the Rain Angel brand identity and bring an official logo to the circle. They wanted an enduring symbol that was bold, luxurious but spirited, and an identity that could work alongside the official Festival logo.


Initial ideas included pictorial images of umbrellas and angels that ultimately appeared too cute or instantly religious.  Consequently it was decided that the logo should pull from multiple visual iconography from around the world to form an overall suggestive angel shape. From this decision, Makemade studied early primitive icons and looked for similarities between different cultures and geography.


Encompassing the international focus of the festival, the final logo utilizes a pictorial language and more universal associations. It is a consistent structural concept that is composed of five different symbols placed in accordance with each other to form an overall angel design. The face of the angel appears as a circle representing the unity of the festival donors.  The halo and face act as the symbol of a protective eye.  The rays of the halo create the energy and strength of the sun alluding to the organization's dedication to shine bright even in tough times. The body of the angel is depicted as a drop of water simultaneously suggesting the importance of Festival’s survival and alluding to the origin of the Rain Angel’s formation. Lastly, the wings represent hope and the donor’s ability to rise above a challenge. In the end, all five symbols are unified into one single logomark.

The Rain Angel logotype purposefully utilizes the same typeface as the Festival International de Louisiane logo in order to work harmoniously within the overall organization's branding. And in order to be cohesive but standout, the Rain Angel brand identity uses two secondary colors from the established Festival International de Louisiane branding. The energy and compassion of donors is represented in a bold red and balanced with the long standing association of royalty, luxury and quality of purple. 

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