mad pickles jar packagingmad pickles jar

Mad Pickles

A revamped brand identity for a Texas/Louisiana pickle company

Looking to increase visibility and compete on a more national level, Mad Foods was in need of a re-branded identity and voice that elevated its signature Southern pickles. With a simple but updated logo, bolder packaging, new tagline, playful copy, and a collaborative marketing campaign with PR firm, Ninety-Two West, Mad Foods' brand received an updated visual voice that matched its new trajectory.




Mad Pickles
Ninety-Two West


Brand Identity
Package Design

mad pickles jar packagingmad pickles jar packaging
mad pickles bowl of pickles
made pickles designmad pickles packaging
mad pickles jar packaging
mad pickles packaging


Eric and Charlotte Baham, both Louisiana natives and licensed architects, took a family pickle recipe and turned it into a unique pickle business based out of Austin, TX. As they looked to land opportunities in bigger markets, an updated brand identity that reflected their quality and dedication to irresistible pickles was needed to match their new trajectory. 


Collaborating with marketing team, Ninety-Two West, the new brand identity followed a competitive research and target audience-led process to develop signature features of the brand while also considering the budget restrictions of the startup. After a few initial sketches to try and refine their existing logo, the project quickly led to a redesign of the logotype and all brand language.


Playing into the zany but not absurd aspect of the brand, perfect slab letters arranged in a titled fashion make up the updated logotype. Keeping the company’s signature slim jar and dynamic white label, newly designed elements were configured on packaging to keep pre-existing costs consistent.  To match the new youthful audience, a new slogan “open the madness” was created and more playful copy was adapted into the brand identity. The voice of the packaging became a young child asking their Southern mama outrageous questions about pickles. 

The updated jar label refreshed the brand and extended to their new offering, Pack-Alongs--a take anywhere pickle pouch for the on the go adventure seeking audience. Again the dynamic slant of the white label and all design elements were carried over for consistency. Ultimately, the harmony of the brand redesign and the irresistible sweet and spicy pickle found a special place in people’s kitchens and on their next great adventures.

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