For Louisiana based power pop trio, Carbon Poppies, sometimes art imitates life.  After two members had a child and the third became busier after a Grammy win with Lost Bayou Ramblers, it was only natural that playing music together often would be more difficult.  Embracing the idea of replacing oneself in order to do more, the playful “Rain on My Face” music video created for Spanish music label, Elefant Records, displays an honest but tongue and cheek moment in the bands career. 

CREDITS: Production Company - Makemade | Co-Directors & Co-Producers - Allison Bohl DeHart & Peter DeHart | Director of Photography - Logan M. LeBlanc | Gaffer - Patrick Swinney | Assistant Camera - Jean Denis | Director’s Assistant - Cason Aycock | Locations Producer - Matt Mick | Wardrobe - Olivia Perillo | Production Assistant - Beau Louviere | Still Set Photographer - Jon-David Mahoney & Matthew Koesy | Cast: Jonny Campos, Peter DeHart, Allison Bohl DeHart, Amelie DeHart, Amanda Abate, Patience Comeaux, Leah Graeff, Belle Saucier, Kirkland Middleton, Olivia Perillo, Joseph Perillo, Woody Randall, & Matt Mick.